Testimonials from visitors at Moon Child Reiki in Southend


Southend, Essex

I can't express what an amazing experience I had with Abi when I visited Moon Child Reiki in Southend. From the start she was professional, caring and most importantly understanding as this was my first experience.
She explained what was going to happen in our session and put me completely at ease. Our session wasenlightening and i'm excited to continue my spiritual journey with her.  I would recommend her to anyone. 10/10. 


Thundersley, Essex

As someone who is openly ‘on the fence’ about the world of spiritual healing, I was so pleasantly surprised by my introduction to Reiki with Abi. Not only have I felt way more than I expected to, but the dog doesn’t leave me alone for days after a Reiki session which is interesting! Would definitely recommend Moon Child Reiki to anyone who is interested in exploring this area and can’t wait to explore it more myself.



I had the pleasure of experiencing Abi's healing and intuitive gifts. I've had Reiki before but no experience was as profound as what I experienced with Moon Child Reiki. I was fully at ease with her warm and friendly energy. She was very thorough, engaged and accurate within her feedback for what I needed from our session. I can't wait to have more sessions with Abi and I highly recommend her.