Reiki Healing

"Reiki is the spiritual heritage of all humanity" - Mikao Usui
Energy flows through us all and can affect us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The gentle laying of hands over the bodies energy centres,  works to raise your vibration by allowing the energy to flow where it is most needed.  Drift into a relaxed state and allow the universal energy to flow through you, grounding you and reaching your deepest level of being. 

During your treatment you may experience both emotional and physical sensations and so each session includes a short discussion as we share our observations. I can help you understand this experience and if any further treatments may be needed, this will also be discussed.

Your 45 minute treatment will include 30 minutes of Reiki healing and a 15 minute discussion.
Treatments take place with Moon Child Reiki in Southend, Essex.


Reiki Healing

60 minutes

Your 60 minute treatment will include 45 minutes of Reiki healing and a 15 minute discussion.
Treatments take place with Moon Child Reiki in Southend, Essex.


Save money and book a 3 treatment bundle. This includes 3x 45 minute Reiki healing treatments.


If you can't pop in for a full treatment at Moon Child Reiki in Southend, I can send healing energy to you. We an have a quick conversation over the phone or online, after which I will spend time sending Reiki energy to you. You will then receive the thoughts and observations from my session including a tarot card reading.


Every crystal has it's own energy. Using Reiki techniques I will amplify this energy and personalise it for you! A healing crystal specifically for you and your journey.
We'll have a short conversation about what it is you need or want, i'll then choose a crystal just for you and charge it with Reiki energy. 


*Price includes postage and packaging

Do you need guidance from the universe? Do you need a little cosmic advice on a particular situation? Visit Moon Child Reiki, in Southend, for a 1-1 Tarot reading and find out what the universe wants to tell you today. Readings last for 45 minutes and can be tagged on to the end of your Reiki   Treatment at a discounted price. Get in touch for more info.


Tarot Readings


As someone who is openly ‘on the fence’ about the world of spiritual healing, I was so pleasantly surprised by my introduction to Reiki with Abi. Not only have I felt way more than I expected to, but the dog doesn’t leave me alone for days after a Reiki session which is interesting! Would definitely recommend Moon Child Reiki to anyone who is interested in exploring this area and can’t wait to explore it more myself.
— Charli